Mannequin Repair, Restoration and Refinishing

Retail: For lot or mass refinishing and repairs, please contact us to get a quote started. We also offer pick up and delivery for our department store clients. We have an extremely fast turn around time so you won't be left without your displays for long.

Individual: Price depends on the condition of your mannequin and the services requested. Please email us with photos for a quote or to be put in contact with other mannequin refinishers that might suite your needs better.

Mannequin Rental




please contact us to get a quote started.
Delivery charge apply each way. contact us for details.
Set up and breakdown is required and is $100*.

*Price can change depending on the number of mannequins that are being transported.

Mannequin Sales

Click here to see mannequins available for sale.

Mannequin Buyers / Liquidators


please contact us first and we might be able to work something out, leaving you with some spending cash, guilt-free about littering landfills with non-biodegradable materials and knowing that they will be cared for and respected like they deserve!

We accept buy mannequin parts and any kind of wigs.

Mannequin donations are ALWAYS accepted and appreciated!

Mainly Serving Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois & Kentucky 
please contact us from anywhere and we might be able to help...we have a lot of connections)

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